Meet the Feirie Team

We believe in
the Feirie
but, more importantly, we believe in our team! Through our commitment to community, we have assembled a coalition of like-minded, passionate professionals, who have the same mission of using lifestyle medicine solutions to empower individuals to own their health journey. Our leadership are problem solvers, driven, and represented by a diverse set of experiences. They have built their expertise across several industry sectors: Health Care, Lifestyle Medicine, Corporate Sales, and Tech with major companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Amazon, Kaiser Permenente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mayo Clinic, ESRI, and Harvard. This dynamic leadership team is fully capable and equipped for delivering a superior product and service. 
Feirie Leadership

Fierie leaders have a passion for community and healthy living. Together they share the vision for providing a disruptive healthcare solution to their communities of ethnic groups most impacted by preventable chronic diseases.

Sharina Carruthers

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Cruz

Chief Operating Officer

Travis Young

Chief Technology & Data Officer

Team Roles

Fierie prides itself on the strong collaborations formed across several sectors. Through passion and commitment to the community, they have built a coalition of like-minded, passionate professionals, who have the same mission to empower individuals to own their health journey. This coalition is represented by all walks of life: physicians, pharmacists, dieticians, advocates, film producers, philanthropists, hospital administrators, e-commerce digital leaders, developers, tech experts, product developers, and geo-mapping architects.

Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-founder)

Responsible for overall operations on the business including dealing with legal counsel, forming relationships cross-sector, approving large contracts, hiring and managing, operations, and company financials.

Chief Operations Officer (Co-founder)

Responsible for overall external relationships and revenue channels/relationships such as accounts, and approval of contracts with health plans, health networks, employers, and any business related to external/account-facing solutions, partnerships, hiring and managing, and company financials.

Director of Technology & Product Development

Leads the development, design, and architecture of the Feirie EcosystemTM and products. This role is supported by a team of developers.

Content & Marketing Team

Responsible for content and marketing development, digital and physical. This person owns and manages social channels, websites, and all marketing campaigns.

Sales Team

Leads sales strategy and customer development across our diverse channels: Health Plans, Physicians, Corporate, and large employers.

Medical Director

This individual, an accredited ABLM physician and influential in healthcare, is responsible for overseeing and approving all content developed for the health market. This medical director owns any medical related issues, questions, and disputes internally and externally, and is intimately involved in education and program development.

Lifestyle Medicine Coalition

Influential leaders in the industry from large national health plans and networks who have a passion for changing the current system through value-based care. They are part of our board (health plans & experts).

Feirie Advocates

Physicians & Lifestyle Medicine champions who are part of the Feirie EcosystemTM. Feirie Advocates will come from various channels that we work with in the market. They will be Lifestyle Medicine curators for the Feirie EcosystemTM by posting the latest trends in Lifestyle Medicine and sharing patient testimonials.

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